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Web Taxonomy
Brett Stalbaum on Jun 14 1998 issue 09

Taxonomy For Gender Issue



Dot2Dot Porn

"Rachel Baker" aka Trina Mould

Laura Mulvey would be proud, or as Natalie Bookchin recommends, try "Dropstuff with Expander Enhancer. Maybe the Expander Enhancer will help."


Louise Lawler

Feminist sound art that "mocks" (so-to-speak) various male artists.


Autonomous AI agents 'draw' neo-formalist pictures for you.


Olia Lialina & Michaël Samyn

See also Lialina's famous work:

My Boyfriend Came Back from the War.


Diane Luden

Frame work


Rachel Stevens

Frame work


Jon Thompson and Alison Craighead


francesca da rimini, ricardo dominguez, and michael grimm

The Web Stalker


Download I/O/D's browser. The reigning Mr. Net Art.98


"Hogar Herohito"

This ASCII-HREF art reigned for only a few days as Mr.Net.Art.98. (Was it because the judges miscounted the votes, or was Hogar found to have posed nude, in violation of pageant rules?)


Naive Exhibitionism? Or a stunning re-evaluation of Bentham's Panopticon? Certainly one of the net's bravest pioneers, Jennifer Ringley is the founder of the bedroom telepresence fad.

VNS Matrix

Josephine Starrs, Julianne Pierce, Francesca da Rimini, Virginia Barratt.

There are many different VNS projects here. Blend your gender as you see fit.

The purloined letter

José Maldonado

Javascript based page whose conceptualism is hidden in plain sight.

Variety Is

Lisa Hutton


 Claire Cann and Richard Allalouf


Various Macromedia Director Projects by Takuji Kogo / Hide Murata

Main interface for digital studies

Alex Galloway

The interface at the entrance traces you across the net.

Multiple Dwelling

Multiple Dwelling is an installation project which exists simultaneously

in a physically constructed space, and in a digitally generated one.

Blinks, 1997

La Société Anonyme

'After' (in the Sherrie Levine sense)

Vito Acconci's Blinks, 1969

CIA for Kids

This is the real Central Intelligence Agency web site for kids- The CIA needs to hire artists.

Dan's Front Counter

A net documentary.

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