The first real net art gallery.

Every Icon
Watch long enough and you will see...

Ghost Sites
"A modest attempt to document the great disappearing fleet of web sites sinking beneath the waves."

An alternative browsing experience. Automated web formalism.

The Payphone Project
A listing of public payphone numbers worldwide, organized by location/ area code. The rest is up to you.

Middlebury Slide Library: Painting
Art on the web.

Swedish Web Art project about overheard conversations in public spaces- Voyeuristic fun that raises the question of whether of not these conversations actually took place...

With Liberty and Justice for All
"This hypertext artwork juxtapositions photographs from my childhood with images of the American Dream as I remember it from that time. 3 browser windows weave a story. The largest window provides context for images in 2 smaller windows."

Smell your Destiny
A poetic hypertext that flows through biological indexing and represention, genetics, icthiology, and the Book of Genesis, all the while teasing the nose with it's refusal to deliver the abject smells of which it speaks.

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