Poems of Fun and Failure


Beauty in Failure
Good thing it is beautiful
Confident.  Know the reasons why I failed.
The crowd expects you to fail.  Wants you to fail - when you do - its so very gratifying.
Write software that is "designed" to break.
The failure of Love
It spilled everywhere
Unexpected outcome... like something else more amazing is found
I don't think of failure as being beautiful.

Benefiting from Someone Else's Failure.
That guy looked pretty stupid.  Making it easier to preserve my immaculate image of myself.
I am not my father's son.
Because of profit motion
I got the job.
Like in a bike race when the dude in 2nd place brings down the whole field and leaves the person in first to win.
Mistake on the books - I get money.
When I saw not to cross the river because it was too muddy.
Think about the people who have died in random, unfortunate ways.  Like how we generally avoid red berries on a hike.  

The First Time I Failed
I was told to stay home and not play
I was trying to make some soup and burned everything
I moved on
I felt worry.  I don't' know what to do next.
Dads will shame you
I only remember failure before on during failure.
I climber a pole and could not get down.  Then I was kidnapped by a man.
I got stitches in my eyebrow and my dad gave me an ice pack.  
I couldn't open the front door with mittens on during a winter day in Massachusetts.  

The Fun of Failure
Once I was lost but not
Hurt so bad it's good
Like a game, someone must fail but can be carefree
Laughing at the good and pointless times you had
You can learn how to
Practice more.  Get more skilled.
Arms go floppy, shoulders relax, head bows.  A release.
Isn't it great to blame someone else?
Is not funny

How to Define Failure
A step within a gradient, not yet at the extreme
Can America get anything done anymore?
When how and what get confused.
To fall short, to not not succeed.
I feel bad by not meeting my expectations.
Mistakes - Error - Slippage - Deceit?
Something does not work out as one has panned
It's not a bad thing.  We need it.  

When Play Fails
Do something different
Awkward silence, sidelong glances, shuffle away
Being in a band is like being married.
Run or Play some more
Poke your eye out.
Someone feels bad and might cry.
Accidents; Don't Play with Fire
New Strategy

Buy One Get one Free
Like riding a bike on a road without cars
Wouldn't free fuel be wonderful?
Free is an illusion but it feels good.
Power. Money.
Orange orange tap.  Explode enrage.
Has freedom failed?
Agenda of Free is Power
Free to be You and Me.

Will I even be able to play soccer again?
In between the last one
Sandbox filled with rain on a sunny day
Skip down the sidewalk
I like Monkeys, the are cute - riding on a horseback in their purple suit,
Play is great. Everything is a game.
Concentrate.  Hard.
Infinite games?  Does those fail?  No only limits define failure, goals.
I will play soccer again.  


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