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As San Jose State University and the CADRE Laboratory are serving as the academic host for the ZeroOne San Jose /ISEA 2006 Symposium, SWITCH has dedicated itself to serving as an official media correspondent of the Festival and Symposium.  SWITCH has focused the past three issues of publication prior to ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006 on publishing content reflecting on the themes of the symposium.  Our editorial staff has interviewed and reported on artists, theorists, and practitioners interested in the intersections of Art & Technology as related to the themes of ZeroOne San Jose/ ISEA 2006.  While some of those featured in SWITCH are part of the festival and symposium, others provide a complimentary perspective.   

Issue 22 focuses on the intersections of CADRE and ZeroOne San Jose/ ISEA 2006.  Over the past year, students at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media have been working intensely with artists on two different residency projects for the festival – “Social Networking” with Antoni Muntadas and the City as Interface Residency, “Karaoke Ice” with Nancy Nowacek, Marina Zurkow & Katie Salen.  Carlos Castellanos, James Morgan, Aaron Siegel, all give us a sneak preview of their projects which will be featured at the ISEA 2006 exhibition.  Alumni Sheila Malone introduces ex_XX:: post position , an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the CADRE Institute that will run as a parallel exhibition to ZeroOne San Jose/ ISEA 2006.  LeE Montgomery provides a preview of NPR (Neighborhood Public Radio) presence at the festival including a special daily show collaboration with our SWITCH Team.  San Jose State University and CADRE are proud to host the Pacific Rim New Media Summit prior to the Symposium on August 7th and 8th.

In addition to these special issues, SWITCH will be covering the Festival and Symposium by updating their current issue with fresh content during ZeroOne San Jose/ ISEA2006; providing pod casts of events, interviews, and happenings throughout out downtown San Jose; and working with NPR (Neighborhood Public Radio) to broadcast our own daily news show throughout the week of ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA2006.  


Mobile Messaging in the Pacific Rim
by Thomas Asmuth

The Telepresent Tug of War
by Michael Weisert    

Features & Reviews

A Profile of ISEA's Pacific Rim Artists
by Ethan Miller

CADRE Residency: Social Networking
A look at the ZeroOne/ISEA2006 CADRE Artist Residency with Antoni Muntadas
by Ethan Miller

CADRE Residency: Karaoke Ice
A look at the ZeroOne/ISEA2006 CADRE City as Interface Residency with Nancy Nowacek, Marina Zurkow & Katie Salen
by Michael Weisert

CADRE 20th Anniversary Exhibition at ISEA
A look at the CADRE 20th Anniversary Exhibition
by Sheila Malone

Maker Faire
A day of fun and frolic at the O'Reilly Maker Faire
by The SWITCH Team  


SWITCH on the Radio
SWITCH will be broadcasting live during ZeroOne/ISEA2006
by LeE Montgomery

ISEA2006 Publishing Model
A look at SWITCH's role in the ISEA2006 publishing model  


Ars Virtua: The Real
by James Morgan

by Carlos Castellanos

Visual Rhizome
by Aaron Siegel