main After a brief hiatus, the new issue of Switch has emerged. After 2 solid years of work leading up to ISEA2006 and the ZeroOne Festival, CADRE and SWITCH have been considering new agendas, strategies and opportunities. Over the last several months, the CADRE Laboratory has engaged in a diverse set of activities. We have explored issues such as failure (its lessons and its utility), borders (real/virtual, body/technology, open/closed), and in what direction "new" media may be going. Issue 23 highlights the diversity of these activities, which we have grouped under the rubric of "Function / Border / Dysfunction". Among other things, we have interviews with Michael Joaquin Grey, Saskia Sassen and Lu Jie. Cultural theorist/art historian Dore Bowen explores "The Function of Dysfunction" in her article on Fluxus event scores. The CADRE Lab introduces its Speaker Salon Series, it's new artist residency with the Montalvo Arts Center and it's collaboration with Ars Virtua in sponsoring the Borders conference in Second Life.

Many thanks goes to all the participants and contributors who helped make this issue happen. -Carlos Castellanos (Managing Editor)



The Function of Dysfunction
Dore Bowen

Technology Market Induction and Dairy Farmers
Brigham Rees


CADRE Salon Series
A look at the first season of the CADRE Speaker Salons established by Joel Slayton, Director of CADRE Laboratory.

CADRE/Montalvo Arts Center International Research Residency
A look at the CADRE Laboratory/Montalvo Arts Center Research Residency in cooperation with the ZeroOne 2008 Biennale.

Borders, Boundaries and Liminal Spaces
A three day conference in Second Life. Hosted by the Ars Virtua New Media Center and sponsored by the CADRE Laboratory.

Poems of Fun and Failure


A Conversation with Michael Joaquin Grey
Interview by Thomas Asmuth 

Interview With Saskia Sassen
Interview by Joel Slayton (from ISEA2006)

Interview With Lu Jie
Interview by Joel Slayton (from ISEA2006)


The Second Life Archetype

Issue 23 Contributors


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