CADRE Salon Series

This spring was the advent of exciting new partnerships and events for our community. One of the most exciting was the first season of the CADRE Speaker Salons established by Joel Slayton, Director of CADRE Laboratory. The series brings together a small audience with a wide range of influential local and international artists, researchers, designers, and curators. The attendance is open to the public but limited to 25 to dismantle the sage-on-the-stage model and encourage dialogue, debate, and discussion between the audience and speaker. As a part of a expanding relationship between Ars Virtua Center for New Media and the CADRE Laboratory, the sessions are simulcast into the gallery on Second Life offering the sessions to a growing audience and colleagues of CADRE and Ars Virtua.

Our guests this session included Steve Dietz, Usman Haque, Anthony Burke, Eric Paulos, Sharon Daniel, James Morgan, Camille Utterback, and Neighborhood Public Radio. From the first of these sessions, it was apparent that the salon dialogues were developing into a collection of critical discourse as well as a historic document. The editorial staff of SWITCH decided that the sessions should be cataloged for the arts community-at-large. As part of the SWITCH Journal's commitment to research, we are proud to introduce the CADRE Salon Series Archive.

-the SWITCH Editorial Staff


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