Borders, Boundaries and Liminal Spaces

In late April, Ars Virtua New Media Center hosted the "Borders, Boundaries, & Liminal Spaces" conference. The event, generously sponsored by CADRE, featured three days of sessions located within the synthetic world of Second Life. The Ars Virtua team consider Second Life to be a liminal space in the sense that it borrows conventions of body and landscape, yet remains something other. As a site that exists somewhere between easily identifiable states, it provides an ideal location, and rich context for considering the nature of borders. Theorists, scholars, and artists were invited to discuss how borders are complicated within/between different environments and areas of discourse in each of the following areas:

gaming_system body_quotes
Game the System with Patrick Lichty, Joseph DeLappe, and Trevor Smith; moderated by Kyungwha Lee and John Bruneau. Body in Quotes Session with Nathaniel Stern, Jeremy Turner, and Stuart Blunt; moderated by Carlos Castellanos

There were also decompression sessions between discussions such as the Second Life Sex Tour, Building in Second Life and a World ofWarcraft raid. The discussions were recorded (some audio or video, some in transcript form) and are now available for download. Please visit the conference pages for more details, and access to the recordings.

The SL Sex Tour


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