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Julie Wager on Mar 27 2003 Digital Insights

A project by Julie Wager

Statement: mag·net·ism ( (m g n -t z m)
n. The class of phenomena exhibited by a magnetic field.

This piece deals with the observation of thin slivers of matter which are being attracted towards a magnetic field. The strips of matter are continually trying to free themselves from this magnetic trap. They attempt to learn their way out of the magnetic field by reaching further and further until finally they are able to break free.

The demonstration begins with 10 clumps of matter being disbursed onto the field. Inside these clumps lies hundreds of tiny slivers. These slivers are attracted to the center of the field but their goal is to free themselves. As time progresses, each sliver begins to learn how far it needs to go in order to escape the magnetic fields stronghold. This information influences the clump of matter to which the sliver belongs, therefore educating the entity. Once the clump of matter has discovered a way to escape the magnetism, freedom is achieved. Usage: Keys 1-9 restart the demonstration with that # of clumps. Mouse zooms in and out and rotates.

Download source code for the project (MS Windows OS) 284kb

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:: Magnetism - Mar 27 2003


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