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VRware Beware:VR at Siggraph
P.D. Quick on Sep 1 1995 issue 02

Latest Virtual Reality offerings at Siggraph '95 in Los Angeles

VR ware Beware: VR at Siggraph

My mission at this years Siggraph '95 in Los Angeles was to see the latest VR offerings. Of course, I went with a great deal of enthusiasm and visions of fully immersive, fully interactive, forced feedback VR systems dancing in my head. I had seen all of the film and television depictions of VR. And I had seen all of the media hype about VR these past few years. Now I was finally going to see what was really out there. For the most part, I was disappointed. I was expecting to be wowed by the VR products and entertainment offered at the conference, but I wasn't. There were a few standouts in the crowd though, and these few products seemed even more impressive when compared to the rest. But new productswere only part of the VR offering at Siggraph -- there were a number of informative courses, papers and panels that offered some insights into the potential for VR as well as the pitfalls of this infant industry. Among the highlights were products by Virtual I/O, The Vivid Group and Multigen Inc., research projects at Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and discussions concerning haptic devices, physical interfaces and their necessity in virtual environments, and the physiological and psychological side effects of VR on users.

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