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Interview:Brenda Laurel
Jason Challas on Jul 1 1995 issue 02

Interview Brenda Laurel

Brenda Laurel has written and edited several books and articles on human-machine interface design, Virtual Reality, and the social implications of computing. Her book, Computers as Theatre (1991 Addison-Wesley, pub.), is in its second edition. Scientific American recently published her article on virtual reality in their 150th Anniversary issue. This interview with her took place in July, 1995.

Virtual Reality and its Technical Problems

JC: As you stated in the 1993 addition to your book Computers as Theatre titled "Post-Virtual Reality; After the Hype," the fad stage of VR has passed, and yet the development of VR software and hardware still has a long way to go. Is VR now on a second wave of popularity?

BL: Yes, it's no longer a cult item, more people know what it is. However, there are fewer VR installations than I thought five years ago there might be by now -- arcade applications and so forth. The bottleneck is currently STRONG optics.


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