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Web Taxonomy
Jan Ekenberg on Jan 1 1998 issue 08

Web Taxonomy for Issue 8




Send a url and watch it become a part of the collage.

By Dimos Dimitriou

The Institute for Media Diseases

"What's wrong with me?"

Ask the doctor.

Bottle Mail

Dump your Mail Bottle on the Web and it'll wash up in someones email account. The FAQ on the Bottle Mail site states that Bottle Mail "isn't any good for anything." I guess it must be art then?


Images, images, images. Slick design, humor and paranoia...

Web formalism meets comedy.


Same as Superbad without "slick" and "humor."

Net Sound

Pretty amazing project that allows you to listen to the sound of networks.

Desktop Is

An Alexi Shulgin webart project.

Spiritual Internet Object

Pale blue wiener.

The Poem* Navigator

By Merel Mirage


What can you say?

Eternal Life Device etc.

I don't think this guy is kidding.

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