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Does Lara Croft wear fake polygons?
Gender Analysis of the "1st Person shooter/adventure game with female heroine" and Gender Role Subversion and Production in the Game Patch

By: Anne-Marie Schleiner

Either/Or . . . Both/And:
Field Notes on Gender Ambiguity & Medical Technologies

By: Joan Schuman

Charred Edges:
Grrrl Power and the Structures of Feminism

By: Christine Laffer

Chik-Tek Sympsoium Revisitied
Interviews with Women Artists using Technology

By: Helen Wood

A report on Cyberfeminism
Sadie Plant and VNS Matrix

By: Alex Galloway





Attack of the CyberFeminists
The Art, Times and Genderings of VNS Matrix and Gashgirl.

By: Mary-Anne Breeze

Web Art

By: Brett Stalbaum





A Gateway to Cyberfeminism Resources
cyberfeminism on the web

By: Monica Vasilescu


Editorial Notes

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