I met Faith Wilding (http://www-art.cfa.cmu.edu/www-wilding/index.html) at the Digital Secrets conference at Arizona State University in the Fall of 2000, where she was performing with the SubRosa (http://www.artswire.org/subrosa/) collective. In their presentation of the BioTech Sex and Gender Education Show (http://www.artswire.org/subrosa/SexEd%20Web/index.html), SubRosa facilitated a genetically sound and professionally approved union between my genetic materials and those of Joel Slayton. (Your children *will* work for our children.) Wilding is an artist, activist, professor, administrator, serial collaborator, and prolific scholar of electronic culture. In this email Interview conducted in May of 2001, I asked Faith about artworlds, collaboration, interventionist art, and the models that lie behind activism and activist art today.

Brett Stalbaum (MFA CADRE 1999) is a C5 research theorist and a founding member of the Electronic Disturbance Theater. He currently teaches programming languages at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA, USA.