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The SWITCH Curatorial

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the long awaited return of the Switch Curatorial. It is once again time to pour your self a tall glass of wine and drink in the works on display. I would like to formally invite you to the ushering in of a new era of magnificence. These selected works are coded in python with PyOpenGL, Pygame, Twisted and… introducing SLUT. The SLUT framework is an opensource project, started here at Cadre, designed to seamlessly stitch together coding for both network and graphics. This is the first wave of programs developed in, and contributing to, the development of SLUT. Explore with us, the emerging systems of unchecked informationscape. Please stay a while, this one is on us. Network visualization never tasted so good.

Yours truly,
John Bruneau

Arlen Thurber
+ + Internet In The Box
Ethan Miller
+ + Carne
Michael Weisert and Kristin O'Friel
+ + Network Boxes

Charlene Chao and Crystal Ma
+ + ChaoMa
Matt Haberman
+ + Network Image Visualization

Aaron Siegel
+ + Latency Topography
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Last modified 2005-05-16 18:57

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