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Welcome to Issue 20 of SWITCH


The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University is proud to be a consortium partner in the ZeroOne Festival: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge with other San Jose cultural institutions and the host of the ISEA2006 Symposium. In preparation for this event CADRE’s SWITCH Journal has decided to dedicate the issues leading up to the conference to address each of the symposiums themes, the first of which being “Transvergence”.

While not ever truly pin-pointing one set definition of transvergence, SWITCH sought out questions and explorations that transcend the interdisciplinary and attempt to form a hybrid of cultural experiences. Using Marcus Novak’s "Speciation, Transvergence, Allogenesis: Notes on the Production of the Alien" as a spring-board, SWITCH Issue 20 vectored into ideas from artists, scientists, futurists, educators, linguists, and even the man on the street.

The internationally renowned ISEA Symposium will take place August 5-13, 2006 in San Jose California. The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies.

SWITCH Issue 21 plans to pick up with the next of the ISEA themes: Interactive City and Community Domain. Calls for Participation and Commissioned Works will be sent out in early fall of 2005. If you would like to contribute or participate in the next issue please contact the SWITCH team.

SWITCH Issue 20 Contributors

On Being Trans, And Under the Radar: Tales From The ACTlab
Allucquére Rosanne Stone

Culture Lab Newcastle: Transdisciplinarity In And As Research Strategy
Sally Jane Norman
Director, Culture Lab Newcastle

Transvergence in Art History
Ami Davis

Noetic Spaces: The human mind and the sense of reality
Niko Shido

A Chat with Steve Dietz and Joel Slayton
A chat (literally) with ISEA Festival/Symposium Director Steve Dietz and ISEA’s Academic Symposium Chair Joel Slayton.
Interview by Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

An interview with Nikki Stott of the Biojewellery project
Interview by Nora Raggio

Interview with Mark Finnern, Founder of the Bay Area Future Salon
Interview by Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

Polylogic Minds: Interview with Dr. Soteria (Roula) Svorou
Interview by Niko Shido

Texas Transvergence
SWITCH sends a team to SxSW to search for Transvergence, deep in the heart of Texas.
James Morgan, Michael Weisert and Ethan Miller

Transform the Transvergent Man Coloring Book
James Morgan and Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

[TPRM ] Transvergent Project Relationship Model
An experiment in modeling the transvergence phenomena
Aaron Siegel

The SWITCH Curatorial
John Bruneau

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