Volume 2 Number 1

Switch is the electronic arts journal of the C.A.D.R.E. Institute in San Jose, California. We are interested in fostering a critical viewpoint on issues and developments wherever crossovers between art and technology occur. In order to do this we rely largely on the written word. Our main articles focus on various aspects of computer-related technology by reporting, analyzing and discussing these art forms in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We will provide an outlet for new critical writers as well as recognized experts in the field. We also hope to generate or encourage collaboration with others who are working and considering similar issues through various other communication inlets such as e-mail and teleconferencing.

The next issue of Switch will focus on MUDs and other forms of interactive on-line narrative.

Guest Writers

Switch would also like to thank its guest writers who contributed to this issue:

Hannah Bosma
Agostino Di Scipio
Larry Wendt

Guest Editors

Switch thanks its guest editors for their assistance with this issue on Sound:

Gary Singh
Yumika Tanaka

Guest Reviewers

Ruth Eckland
Jeremiah Moore
Doug Quin

Executive Editor

Joel Slayton,
Professor of Computers in Art
Director, CADRE Institute
San Jose State University


Loretta Lange
San Jose, California

Associate Editors, Design and Production

Christine Laffer
San Jose, California

Lisa Milosevich
San Jose, California

Staff Contributors

PD Quick
San Jose, California

Yumika Tanaka
Mountain View, California