CADRE Laboratory for New Media

The CADRE Laboratory for New Media Art is the hub of Digital Media Art activity at San Jose State University where students, faculty, and visiting artists gather to explore the future of technology and art. CADRE (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) faculty and students have participated in the evolution of art and technology for over 30 years.

CADRE is focused on the areas of digital media and interaction design, physical computing and programing, prototyping and modeling, video games and game studies. Internationally recognized faculty and award-winning visiting artists award BFA and MFA degrees in Digital Media Art, while CADRE supports ongoing initiative in the Silicon Valley community including ZERO1 San Jose and the CADRE-Montalvo Research Residency. CADRE is also the home of the SWITCH new media art journal published on the Web since 1995.

CADRE Mission

  • To support a highly interdisciplinary educational program dedicated to experimentation and research and production involving information technology and art
  • To provide a diverse state-of-the-art computing facility and network resources
  • To enable student learning opportunities through programming, research, exhibitions, publishing, conferences and events
  • To provide cross-departmental educational opportunities
  • To enable regional, national and international programs involving art and technology