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Conferences and Seminars
Upcoming conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, and other events for the tekkie community
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Upcoming conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, and other events for the tekkie community


3 - 5
Visual Plus: Design for electronic communication
Location: Goetziz, Vorarlberg, Austria
contact: Peter Simlinger
phone: +43(1)4036662 or fax +43(1)4088347

6 - 10
Web World
Location: Chicago
more info: (508)470-3880

Conference 6 - 11 and Exhibition 8 - 10
22nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive
Techniques "SIGGRAPH 95" Los Angeles Convention Center, Los
Angeles, CA. The conference will feature the adventurous edge of
cyberspace, interactive techniques, new entertainment media,
networked communities, and the fundamental science that creates
tomorrow's technologies. For more information call 312-321-6830
FAX: 312-321-6876 e-mail:

8 - 11
MacWorld Expo, Boston
Contact: Mitch Hall Assoc. (617-361-2001); (fax: 617-361-3389)

13 - 17
Object World San Francisco
Location: San Francisco, Ca
more info: (800)225-4698

22 - 24
Desktop Video Conferencing'95 East
Secaucus, NJ
more info:(408)778-1994

23 - 25
Interactive Multimedia'95
Location: Arlington, VA
more info: (800)457-6812

23 - 25
Washington Interactive Multimedia '95, Washington, D.C.
Contact: The Society for Applied Learning Technology (703-347-0055); (fax: 703-349-3169)


11 - 14
Multimedia Expo West/Digital San Francisco
Location: Santa Clara, Ca
more info:(800)225-4698

Call for Entries

1st SECA Award in Electronic Media
Deadline: Aug. 28-Sep.8
San Francisco, CA. Spring, Summer 1996
Open to Northern California
Media: Video, digital image manipulation, interactive media,
multi-image installation. Fee: $10/entry. Awards: $3,000.
Juror: Robert Riley. For entry form:
SECA Coordinator, SFMOMA, 151 3rd St., San Francisco, CA 94103-3159
Phone: 415-357-4031, fax 415-357-4037

Small Computers in the Arts Network 1995 Annual Symposium & Computer Music Concert (Scan '95), which will take place November 3 to 5 at the Benjamin Franklin Science Museum in Philadelphia, is looking for participants. If you are interested in exchanging ideas with and presenting your work to other computer artists, digital photographers, and musicians who use computers, call 212/674-0665. Submission are due by July 31.

If you are a Ray Dream user, the company is inviting submission to its third annual Modern Masters of 3D International Art & Design Contest. The theme this year is "Spirit of Invention-Build a Better Mousetrap." The deadline for entries is August 15. Call 415/960-0768x121.

The London Effects & Animation Festival, which will take place November 28-30, is seeking entries for the annual Festival Awards.
Categories include art, PC/Mac-based work, broadcast graphics, and interactive entertainment. Entries are due by September 8. Call 0181-995-3632 or fax 0181-995-3633 if you'd like an entry form.

If you'd like your artwork to appear on the Internet, or if you'd like to view hundreds of images from other artists and photographers, visit the Picture Conversion site ( on the World Wide Web.


On going on line>

The Peoria Art Guild and Bradley University present the second annual juried exhibition, "Digital Photography 95." This show explores the range of new work the artists are creating using the interplay of the camera and the computer. Links are provided to "artists'statement," portraits of the artists, and the artists' audio files. This competitive exhibit sought entries worldwide from photographers whose work involved the techniques of "digital" (computer) photography. The URL is

Alan Rath's Robot Ballet This kinetic wall sculpture is composed of 2 5-foot-long computer-controlled mechanical arms that will move smoothly and gracefully in concert with each other.
United Airlines terminal, San Francisco
International Airport, San Francisco

July 1-September 4, 1995
Veered Science
Huntington Beach Art Center

538 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Group exhibition of 15 artists, including Alan Rath, Tim Hawkinson, Laurel Katz and Christine Tamblyn

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