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A final work on web specific art
Matt Hoessli on Mar 15 1997 issue 06

a hypertext article on web art

by Matt Hoessli

The hypertext paradigm is the key foundational paradigm for the WEB,
and is what gives the WEB
(and by extension, web-specific art)
its power and potential.
Its nonlinear, nonhierarchial, borderless, and object-oriented nature
have profound implications for the Internet and it helps the artist develop
a more flexible and collaborative mindset.
The synergy of the artist and hypertext
make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.
The artist sees their work as part of, and composed of, the greater whole.
The artist sees that, they may unknowingly be collaborating with others
who make their work part of a new work.

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:: A final work on web specific art - Mar 15 1997


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