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Calendar Page
Switch Staffs on May 1 1996 issue 03

Calendar of events from May 96' to Spring 97'

The Digital Internet TeleConcert
San Jose, CA
Sponsored by San Jose State University, Digital Media Institute, Artnet, and CADRE Institute. In order to advance the state of art and technologies of digital media, the Digital Media Institute and CADRE Institute at San
Jose State University, propose the presentation of an interactive, Internet connected, electronic performance concert. This performance and concert, connecting a number of viewing venues, will deliver an entirely new and advanced interactive network experience. The project and concert event will focus on the exciting potential of telecommunication technology to present new digital media. A high speed digital communications infrastructure will connect SJSU, UCSC, Cal State Hayward, via a 45 megabit ATM wide area network and to the rest of the world via the Internet.

June, 1996

  • June 6-9
    Madrid, Spain. 5CYBERCONF: Fifth International Conference on Cyberspace
    Keynote Speakers: Carolina Cruz Neira (Spain); Manuel de Landa (Mexico-USA),
    Antoni Muntadas (Spain-USA), Avital Ronell (USA), Allucquère Rosanna Stone (USA), Florian Rötzer (Germany) Performance: Guillermo Gómez-Peña.
    Contact: Fundación Arte y Tecnologia, Gran Via, 28. 2a planta, 28013
    Madrid, España telephone: 34-1-542-9380; fax: 34-1-521-0041; Email:

September, 1996

  • Sep 18-20
    ISEA 96
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands. ISEA 96: The Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art. Special emphasis will be given to the following themes: Education as a bridge between technology and art; Networked art; Design and the Web. Special events: The Reality of Virtual Reality; Virtual Community
    Contact: ISEA 96, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, Netherlands; tel/fax: 31-10-4778605

Spring, 1997

  • The Artificial Evolution Studio is planning a concert-exhibition for the spring of 1997. This event will present a full-blown concert of music created using artificial life, as well as an exhibition of other art employing the same techniques. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

    • Genetic Algorithms
    • Cellular Automata (Conway's Life)
    • L Systems (Lindenmeyer's artificial botany)
    • Computer Viruses
    • Dawkin's Biomorphs
    • Artificial organisms (Langton's Vants, Reynolds' Boids, MIT Mobots)
    • Artificial environments (Tiara, Venus)

    Interested in applications of these ideas to:

    • music composition
    • sound and image synthesis
    • computer animation
    • interactive sculpture
    • installation art

    The concert component will include diffused electroacoustic music as well as pieces played by live performers and other "autonomous agents" (computers or robots), and could include non-technical systems demonstrations. The exhibition component will include computer graphics, prints and photographs, robots and autonomous agents, video and quot;life" computer animation, as well as interactive displays and presentations. The focus of this event will be the artistic manifestation of artificial life in any form. If you are currently working in this area and would like to participate, please contact:
    Bruno Degazio (
    The Artificial Evolution Studio
    192 Spadina Avenue, Sutie 512
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 2C2
    416-504-9354 FAX
    Tentative list of contributors to the Artificial Life Event 1997:
  • Al Biles (United States)
  • Eduardo Miranda
  • Jon McCormack
  • Andrew Horner (Hong Kong)
  • Kurt Thywissen (England)
  • Demetri Terzopoulos (Canada)
  • David DeMaris
    (United States)
  • Guillaume Hutzler (France)
  • Robert Saunders (Scotland)
  • Peter Beyls (Belgium)
  • Jeffrey Ventrella (United States)
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn (Germany)
  • Alan Dorin (Australia)
  • Bruce Jacob (United States)

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