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Staff Page
Volume 2 Number 2
Loretta L. Lange on Jan 1 1970 issue 05

Credits summaries SWITCH and provides a link to Cadre.

Switch is the electronic arts journal of the C.A.D.R.E.
in San Jose, California. We foster a critical viewpoint on issues
and developments wherever crossovers between art and technology occur.

In order to do this we rely largely on the written word. Our main articles focus on various aspects of computer-related technology by reporting, analyzingand discussing these art forms in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We provide an outlet for new critical writers as well as recognized experts
in the field.

We hope to generate and encourage collaboration with others who are working and considering similar issues.

The next issue of Switch will focus on art online.


Switch thanks the writers who contributed to this issue:

Jan Ekenberg

Loretta Lange

Don Tanner

Monica Vialesceu

Geri Wittig

MUSH Builders

Switch thanks its "MUSH Builders" for their conceptual vision and tenacity:

Benjamin Eakins

Jan Ekenberg

Matt Hoessli

Christine Laffer

MUSH Technical Assistant

Mike Blanton

Graphic Design

Brian Tsang

Table of Contents and Section Banner Graphics

Credit for graphics within articles, reviews, etc. goes to individual authors

Executive Editor

Joel Slayton,

Professor of Computers in Art

Director, CADRE Institute

San Jose State University


Loretta Lange

CADRE Institute

San Jose, California

Associate Editor

Christine Laffer

San Jose, California

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