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Interview with Ed Osborn
Yumika Tanaka on Jan 23 1998 issue 04

This interview focuses on SoundCulture'96 and Ed Osborn's sound contributions.

SoundCulture'96 was the third transpacific festival of contemporary sound practices. The first was in Sydney, the second in Tokyo, and this time it came to San Francisco. Sound Artists, artists, researchers, cultural theorists, presenting organizations, academic institutions, and others working with sound, from all walks of life came to participate
in the sound events.

SoundCulture'96 is the only festival of its kind in this country and most of the shows, which took place all over the Bay Area from April 3-13 th, sold out, proving that there is a strong demand for these types of events.

Ed Osborn, an active sound artist from Oakland, was the director of SoundCulture'96.
After receiving his MFA from Mills College in Music Composition with an emphasis on Electronic and Recorded Media, he became interested in installations and working with sound outside of musical forms. His works have been shown throughout North America, Europe and South America.


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:: Interview with Ed Osborn - Jan 23 1998


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