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The Pacific Rim New Media Summit

The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University will host a two-day pre-symposium to ISEA 2006 entitled the Pacific Rim New Media Summit co-sponsored by Leonardo. The Summit is intended to explore and build interpretive bridges between institutional, corporate, social and cultural enterprises with an emphasis on the emergence of new media arts programs.

The complex relations and diversity of Pacific Rim nations is exemplified throughout the hybridized communities that comprise the Silicon Valley. As the 10th largest city in the United States, San Jose is an important portal on the Eastern edge of the Pacific region, which shares deep historical and cultural connections that range from Latin America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia to Asia. ZeroOne San Jose: An International Festival of Art on the Edge highlights the Pacific Rim as a central theme by presenting the most significant achievements in art, theory and research from throughout the region.

An important objective of the Summit is to examine and create new transaction spaces for creativity and innovation. With a purview encompassing all states and nations that border the Pacific Ocean, this trans-disciplinary event will address the developmental role and capacity of new media arts initiatives to foster greater mutual understanding.  Summit objectives include exploration of innovative models for cooperation among institutions, development of interaction strategies with technology corporations, investigation of radical responses to emergent cultural issues and conditions, engagement with Diaspora communities, and the establishment of an on-going Pacific Rim Network of New Media Educational Institutions.

The Pacific Rim New Media Summit has divided itself into eight working groups.  Each group is preparing specific concerns and motives for investigation and will come to the summit with objectives and outcomes to present.  The working groups include:  Distributed Curatorial, Education, Place Ground & Practice, Urbanity & Locative Media, Latin American-Pacific / Asia New Media Initiatives, Residencies/ Symposia/ Directory Project, Piracy & the Pacific, and The Indivisible Dynamics of the Pacific Rim & Bay Area.  Participants of the Pacific Rim New Media Summit will report their activities and conclusions at the ZeroOne/ ISEA 2006 Symposium as they are interwoven with the other themes of the overall symposium.

Why the “Pacific Rim”? And other questions answered by ISEA 2006/ ZeroOne Festival Chair, Joel Slayton.

The Pacific Rim New Media Summit takes place August 6-8, 2006.

The ZeroOne/ ISEA 2006 Symposia takes place August 9-13, 2006 in San Jose, California.