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Here Be Dragons!: Bio-art beyond the edge of everything.
By Anne Farren and Andrew Hutchison
Department of Design at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia

Electronic Privacy in Asia: What is the effect of the Fantabulous Kawaii Gizmos, Wireless Privacy Daemons (Waveband: 2.4-GHz) & Orientalism
By Adrien David Cheok and Roger Thomas Tan
Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore 

Karaoke Ice: A Night Out
By Nancy Nowacek, Marina Zurkow, Katie Salen and the CADRE City as Interface Group
ISEA 2006 "City as Interface" Residency

Towards New Bodies and New Biologies: Life as Code, Body as Protocol
By Carlos Castellanos
SWITCH Editorial Member

Ladyboys: Human Art
By Skyler Thomas
SWITCH Editorial Member 

Playing With Culture: Gaming Across the Pacific Rim
By Christopher Head
SWITCH Editorial Member