CADRE Laboratory/Montalvo Arts Center Research Residency

The CADRE Institute at San Jose State University and the Montalvo Arts Center have joined forces to establish the CADRE Laboratory/Montalvo Arts Center Research Residency in cooperation with the ZeroOne 2008 Biennale.. This program is an expanded residency program that engages the academic resources of SJSU with a regional and international network of cultural institutions, research centers and technology industries. The residency program merges the unique intellectual, technical, and creative capacities of San Jose State University with the Montalvo Arts Center and Silicon Valley industry resources to create new platforms for creative exploration and technology innovation. Additionally, the program represents a prime opportunity to collaborate with international cultural, research and academic partners from London, Dublin, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney, Helsinki, Barcelona, Berlin, Linz, Liverpool, San Paulo and many other cities.

The International Research Residency builds on the SJSU/Montalvo collaboration introduced during 2006 ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. One of the most successful aspects of the ZeroOne 2006 Festival was the residency program involving the CADRE Laboratory and Montalvo Arts Center. This partnership sponsored and facilitated highly acclaimed projects by the internationally renown artist Antoni Muntadas and the NYC team of Katie Salen, Nancy Nowacek and Marina Zurkow. Projects from these residencies will continue to be integral to the ZeroOne 2008 Festival, as they were in 2006. Three sponsored residencies are being juried and developed in cooperation with ZeroOne and featured at the 2008 festival.

International Research Residency Objectives:

  • Create a platform for experimentation and research for technology innovation.
  • Incubate artists and projects that embrace technical innovation and creativity.
  • Foster collaboration between residency artists and SJSU faculty and students.
  • Facilitate co-partnering with industry and the cultural arts sectors.
  • Enable residency artists to develop collaborations involving faculty and students Integrate expertise across SJSU to enable development of sponsored projects and research.
  • Operate with national and international visibility.
  • Promote partnering with City of San Jose and Silicon Valley Industry.
  • Enable cooperative partnering with City of San Jose and cultural arts organizations.
  • Feature residency collaborations at ZeroOne Biennale.


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