ISEA2006 Publishing Model

SWITCH will be part of the ISEA2006 "distributed publishing" model.  ISEA's publishing inititive will feature involvements with institutions such as Eyebeam, Leonardo, Intelligent Agent, Saria.txt. and more.  SWITCH is proud and excited to be part of this unique undertaking. 

The precise nature of SWITCH's involvement will be made more clear in the weeks leading up to the fesival, but it will entail the following: 

  • SWITCH will publish various essays, interviews, reports, and projects relating to the ZeroOne/ISEA festival.
  • SWITCH is the publisher for the Pacific Rim theme of ZeroOne/ISEA2006.
  • SWITCH is directly responsive to existing contributor opportunities made available by ISEA2006, the ZeroOne Festival and the Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS).
  • SWICH will be putting together live events such as podcasts, interviews and informal roundtable discussions.

More details will be available in our special ZeroOne/ISEA issue of SWITCH coming this summer.