CADRE 20th Anniversary Exhibition at ISEA

by Sheila Malone


CADRE's 20 years of positioning within new media arts culture and 20 years of research in computers in art brings together for the first time in one space: Twenty-one artists who have come out of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media; some established, seasoned, some recent graduates. The show, titled, ex_XX:: post position reveals the tracking and critiquing of contemporary culture and mass media. The satiric, the serious, and the inquisitive nature of CADRE graduates sets the stage for such innovative and controversial works which address ideas of systems of data, data mining, terrorism in America, culture wars, theory as art, data base immersion and internet play. Ex_XX:: post position responds to an ever increasing mapped world that is described through each artist's unique approach to position.

Featured Artists:

John Bruneau
Jason Challas
Chris Cryer
Kristin Cully
Joe DeLappe
Steve Durie
Ben Eakins
Jan Ekenberg
Jennifer Henderson
Lisa Jevbratt
Cassandra Jordan
Sheila Malone
Matt Mays
James Morgan
Kanako Ota
Inna Razumova
Shona Reed
Anne Marie Schleiner
Brett Stalbaum with Paula Poole
Mike Weisert
Geri Wittig

At WORKS/San Jose Gallery
30 N. 3rd St.San Jose Ca.
July 18th - August 13th, 2006.
Opening reception July 21st; ISEA reception Aug. 8th
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